Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year, Marsenaries!

Steady work on the development and improvement of the world of Marsenary never stops, notwithstanding New Year holiday season! Many things have already been done, but we continue optimizing the code and interface, add planned game elements and fine-tune the gameplay. Over past days the whole bunch of seemingly boring, but important things has been completed:

  • Automatic creation and deletion of game servers with mandatory balance in the distribution of players;
  • 4 new weapons;
  • A feature of offline play with bots;
  • Containers in Fort Construction editor;
  • A new module – Storage Module;
  • Key elements display on the game map (team members and enemy players, Teleport locations, traps etc.);
  • Clan menu;
  • Friends menu;

and much more.

It is that we do not want to release a raw product that will need endless patches to fix. We want to make your gaming comfortable, clear and interesting. We want to allow hurricane action intertwine with smart tactics and all that happening in a strategically built Fort that you have created yourself.

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