Marsenary entered FREED platform

Marsenary is a free-to-play space tactical shooter represented to you by TVX Games. Despite that the game is available for everyone, certain abilities and improvements may require some tangible assets from a player. At the same time, recognizing that not all players willing to achieve a high level in the game can donate real money, we decided to integrate FREED platform into the game.

FREED platform is an optimal opportunity to get game benefits in Marsenary without donation. A unique peculiarity of the platform is that your computer can obtain game features that are accessible only for real money and this does not require your participation.

Having activated FREED platform on your computer, you can use the capacity of your computer for completing important tasks, such as movies rendering, neural networks training, analysis of pharmaceutical issues and many more. At the same time, no additional activity or actions in the game will be required, just keep the computer on. For that you will receive game benefits that were earlier accessible only for premium account players for real money.

It is worth to emphasize the following among main advantages of the platform:
1. It is you who determines what computer capacity will be provided and for what duration, at the same time reserving the right to terminate this process.
2. The platform does not need your physical presence at the computer or additional actions. You can activate the platform for a period convenient for you and handle your other stuff, receiving actual game benefits at the same time.
3. Using the platform, you will be able to use those game features that were earlier unavailable for you or too expensive.

As a result, FREED platform creates equal conditions for all Marsenary players regardless of their financial donation and time. When you simply activate the platform during your sleeping or working time, your computer will independently earn game benefits for you, so that you could enjoy the game, when you want that.


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