Marsenary is a multiplayer, team based, tactical, first-person shooter that takes place on Mars in the distant future. The special feature of this game is the combination of a role-based shooter with the opportunity to create locations - Forts, where battles take place. READ MORE...

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Fort is a mining unit and also a main battle field. A Fort is a multilevel technical base, which automatically extracts resources and produces components used by the player. Mining takes place in different locations. Ability to mine the specific location depends on the grade/level of your Fort. Battles take place only on Forts. Each battle is the 1-on-1 battle between two Forts teams. There are no fights outside the Forts. Players can own a Fort, build or buy it and also be a mercenary on somebody’s property.


Players can access several kinds of weapons used by exosuits. Weapon attributes (levels/grades) can be improved. Each weapon has one of a host of super-shots, which can be used after accumulating energy. Forts also can be equipped with weapons - turrets, that can be places by Fort's owner to specific platforms.

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