Forts – the main resource extraction units on Mars. Forts belongs to corporations and large private miners who work on Mars. Forts are complex technological systems that have the ability to move across Mars using the jet engines.

Forts of the first generation started to explore Mars many many years ago. Forts worked without human resources onboard.  These times Mars was under terraforming. Atmosphere was changing. So, the first three systems, controlled from Earth, did not create an infrastructure. Forts have participated in the process of terraforming. The main thing that they were doing – they were looking at the sky and watched how slowly changing temperature.

All the forts, from the fourth generation, has built the infrastructure and preparing the Martian colony for settlers from Earth.

Forts is designed to bring the players in organized groups (clans). Fort – is a territory of the clan. Marsinary can not live on Mars outside of the fort. Player creates a Fort and chooses its name and banner. After creating a fort player can invite other players into his fort. Players can also apply to join the clan choosing the Fort.

Fighting between the forts occur on Mars terranes. Each battle is a Fort vs Fort battle. Fort team consists of marsenaries. The stronger the fort, the more the team needs to protect it.

Forts, that player will have to develop in the game belong to the new generation of intelligent machines. Fort can build itself, but the process is given into the hands of the player. Each player will be able to build your own fort of the individual parts. Player can choose his own Fort form or use ready-made templates. The player can build fort from a variety of components, starting from simple modules like walls, windows, floors, bridges and lifts, and ending mandatory for Fort towers, power plants and drilling laser platforms. Modules should be docked to each other closely, or by transitions. Modules must be sufficiently large size inside, for freely movement of dozen of players. Doorways, bridges, passageways should also be wide enough (at least 2 players must feel freely on each module). Most of the modules are equipped with an automatic gate transitions.

The modules can be located at different levels, to stand on each other, etc. The number of possible levels will be limited – it will be impossible to build a “Babylon tower” on Mars 🙂

The modules may have multiple levels of development. Fort can not be a closed system consisting of some rooms and the corridors between them. Player should leave open spaces in Fort for better battles.

After the creation process ends, the fort starts to produce the resources automatically. It uses extracted things for the production of the necessary components like structures, modules, weapons etc.

Want know more about how to build the Fort? Proceed this link.


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