How to build a Fort

At the beginning of the game the player can choose one of two modes – to play for one of the teams (choose a Fort to play), or to organize his team of players (to build own Fort and team).

We understand that not all players are strong in construction or creation, so it will always be possible to be a marsenary on one of the existing forts (by joining the team). Or buy a Fort entirely for your money.

To create your fort you need to have enough resources. A player can earn resources in the battles, or buy them. Simple, right?

Construction of the Fort is carried out in a special Fort Constructor (FC) inside the game. For own construction players can use different types of modules. FC has a training mode and several typical models of Forts (already built in the game). The player can take these models as a basis and change the necessary modules to modify the shape or quipment.

What does the Fort consist of?

First of all – it is a platform. The size of a platform affects how much engines you will need to have a Fort could fly. The form of the platform determines where you can put the basic mandatory elements – drilling rig, main power module, construction plant and equipment plant.

The player can specify an arbitrary form for his fort. We know that many players will try to portray something original. But believe us, the first battle will show how your design is comfortable for win/lose. Therefore, carefully study the best Forts created by other players and having a high rating. Think twice before build something gorgeous. Square? No problem. Circle? Ok, but it depends of a size. Other forms? You must think twice but be sure – all is possible before the first fly 🙂

When you built the platform, it’s time to place the main modules on it. First, you need enough free space for the main energy module. To place all the modules in a confined space, it will be necessary to solve the problem.

After placing the engines and the main power module you will need to find a place for a drilling rig, tower, enter module, construction and equipment plants, command module and storage.

When the main blocks are placed, you can go about decorating. You can put turrets, barriers, gates, bridges and stairs.

Combining the location of walls, gates and doors, you can give your fort the original shape. On the edges of the platform and towers can be installed flags of the fort – another kind of customization.

There are certain rules for placing and combining blocks and modules. The FC will prompt the correct placement. You can rotate blocks, put them on top of each other, creating walls and corridors. You can always undo the changes and start again.

The face of the walls of the modules can be vary. You can always give yours a unique look. And the clever traps, corridors and ambushes that you build will help you in the battle with a stronger opponent.

Remember that fort modules have different levels of development. This means, for example, that the tower will increase the height, and the power module will increase its power. Mind the size of your Fort.

Here is a list of the modules of the fort that will be available to players-builders.


A Platform

Site for the construction of the Fort

A Building module (block)

Base block for load-bearing structures (walls, ceilings, etc).

An Entering module

This module is the base point of Team’ respawn. At this module players are waiting for the beginning of the battle.

A Main power module

Heart of the fort. When this module is destroyed, the fort became disabled.

A Command Module

Required for the Blueprints stealing game mode. Necessary to field capturing.

A Drilling rig

It is necessary to obtain resources for building a fort and creating weapons.

A Construction plant

Created to improve the modules and construction of the Fort.

A Plant of equipment

The place of equipment producing. All equipment automatically distributed among all Residents of the fort.

A Storage

Place for storage of mined and produced resources.


Allow to observe the planet. Also it is a firing point for snipers and turrets. The towers can be connected with each other by bridges.


Automatic gate to enter the modules.


It is designed to restrict movement.


Connect buildings.

A Turbo-lift

Connects the high-level levels of the fort and allows you to teleport to another level.



An Automatic turret

Fort defensive unit.

A Jumper

Jumper throws the player in the direction of the enemy Fort. The range of the jump depends on the level of construction.

An Artillery

Designed to bomb the enemy Fort.

Small energy modules

Should be installed in the Fort for traps, turrets and so on. Fixed amount depends on the size of the platform.

It is the short list of all available modules – stay online with us to know more about Fort’s constructor and crating the locations.

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