What is Marsenary

Find all information about new game with full details about forts, exosuits and weapons.

Marsenary is a multiplayer, team based, tactical, first-person shooter that takes place on Mars in the distant future. The special feature of this game is the combination of a role-based shooter with the opportunity to create locations – Forts, where battles take place.

That means that players will have the opportunity not only to improve their character (exosuits), but also to build Forts with the in-game constructor. Regardless of what you are most interested in – to fight or create Forts, MARSENARY will give you that opportunity.


The game takes place on Mars 250 years from now.  This is the era of active development,  searches of resources, expansion of numerous colonies, and active battles for the best of them. In fact,  this time is the “wild west” of the future: large private companies (corporations), clans, and individual recruits battle it out.


The player finds himself on Mars as a recruit guarding a Fort from enemy attack. A player can be a mercenary with no allegiance to a specific miner (fighting in ad-hoc battles), create or join clans (fighting for a specific Fort), or organize their own guild and construct their own Fort.

Players wear various types of exosuits, which allow them to be on the surface of Mars. There are four basic types of exosuits available in the game. Each one has unique abilities and its own types of weaponry. Users can increase the grades of each exosuit and weapon.

You can find more info about each type below.

More about Engineer… More about Marsenary… More about Scout… More about Juggernaut…



Fort is a mining unit  for extraction of resources and also a main battle field.  A Fort is a multilevel technical base, which automatically extracts resources and produces certain components used by the player. Mining takes place in different locations. Ability to mine the specific location depends on the grade/level of your Fort.

Battles take place only on Forts. Each battle is the 1-on-1 battle between two Forts. There are no fights outside the Forts. Players can own a Fort, build or buy it and also be a mercenary on somebody’s property.

Forts are built on enormous platforms, which can fly from one location to another.

Construction involves the placement of basic technical modules, which are required for fort operation (power plant, drill, construction and munitions factory, command post, etc.), and support modules. In the game, a special engineer is available, allowing players to construct objects with the help of various building blocks and to customize their own structures.

Fort modules have several levels of development. At each level, structural integrity increases, as does the strength of some internal module components, which is reflected in a change of the object’s shape.

Movement of a fort to different locations is based on the development rating of the Fort and the accessibility of Martian territory available to be claimed – the higher the development rating of a Fort, the larger the number of locations available for resource extraction.

A fort can also be acquired using in-game currency. A player can buy incomplete forts made by other players, and can also acquire ready-made prototypes, created by corporations mining on Mars. A fort is intended to unite players in organized groups (clans). A player creating a Fort chooses certain attributes and can invite other players to join the clan. Players can also request to join independently.


What has been approved? Players can access several kinds of weapons used by recruits. Weapon attributes can be improved. Each weapon has one of a host of super-shots, which can be used after accumulating energy. Forts also can be equipped with weapons – turrets, that can be places by Fort’ owner to specific platforms.


A battle takes place on a map, which is randomly selected from the pre-made surfaces of the Martian landscape. Battle is always conducted with two enemy forts placed opposite each other.

Battle modes include: capture of a specific site (a Fort, a storage facility, etc.), destruction of a site, stealing documentation or mining data from a site, and large-scale battle (corporations broadcast battles to earn extra money).


Resources necessary for upgrades of characters and Forts are acquired during the game in the following ways: mined or created by Forts, captured in battles, and acquired or rented on the Martian market.

Production of components for exoskeletons and weapons by Forts is limited and takes more time. To speed the character upgrade process, a player can get the necessary components on the global Martian market. Trade on this market is mostly done by major corporations.

Current stage of development

The game is in the development stage. A prototype with gameplay will be shown in the first quarter of 2019. Release of the game is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

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Marsenary game at the Unreal Engine stand – PGA Poland

We presented pre-alpha version of the game Marsenary at Poznań Game Arena conference happened in Poland from 11th October 2018 – 14th October 2018.  The PGA is the largest digital ...

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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year, Marsenaries! Steady work on the development and improvement of the world of Marsenary never stops, notwithstanding New Year holiday season! Many things have already been done, but ...

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Battlefield – Fort

You asked us where battles will take place? We've got an answer! Battles in Marsenary will take place not on common maps designed and laid out by game designers, but ...

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We got it! An Engineer unveiled

Dear friends, work on "Marsenary" is in full swing! Recently the last, but not the least exosuit - an Engineer has been unveiled and entered out game! As you know, the ...

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Some repairs for our Forts

For planned repairs, or rather updates of the fort, our designers have developed a new kind of panels that you can choose in the Fort' constructor and use to build ...

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3D completed? Go battle!

Great news - now everything we do with weapons and exoskeletons, we can immediately check in the game engine. This means that we are very close to the prototype, which ...

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HUD of the game

We are very glad to unveil the HUD of Marsenary. This is exact that you'll find in the game when you enter any battle. It is traditional, new and very useful ...

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Guns’n’saws: new album

Hi, guys! We keep digging into the art of weapons for beta-version and we have good news for you. We don't plan to launch Juggernaut's saw into first beta, but your letters change our ...

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New eggs for you

We thought, than our designer mind the Faberge eggs or Skittles sweets when he draw this greandes. However it comes very cool. Forget WWII boring green colored eggs and enjoy ...

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The Saw. 3D.

It is now a movie, but it is the Saw. The saw of Juggernaut. Our Art team just unveiled 3D model for that popular weapon for our tank exo. We ...

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News about Beta testing

We do know, that you are waiting for a beta test that we've announced at E3 2017. Yea, we promised to start open beta this july, but still delay it. ...

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New look of Marsenary game

Done! We have new skins, new textures and new light on Mars for the new look of our game. Now it’s a visual treat for the players – here are some ...

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Legendary GIF of Juggernaut

Our page on Facebook is always pleased with cool videos and gifs. One picture was very popular with the development team, because it captured the Juggernaut, on the way breaking ...

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From picture to 3D model

What kind of work does the artist from the sketch of the character to get a full-fledged 3D model? In our case, the whole path can take months and involve ...

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Hard work under 3D models

We are at the stage of improving the beta version, which we plan to present to our testers soon. The main work goes with weapons and exosuits, where very much ...

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Become a beta tester!

Next month some of you will have the opportunity to try Marsenary game! Do you want to get a chance to see the game first? Apply for it on the special ...

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Command module: update

Our designers presented several new illustrations of the Command Module. In front of you are virtual screens that allow players to get a variety of information: information about the enemy, ...

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A few new guns unveiled

In the game Marsenary will be available a few dozen of weapons. Our designers continue to increase the arsenal. We are introducing to you new plasma guns. Plasma sniper rifle. ...

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A saw of Juggernaut

As we said, in our game there will be not only big and small guns. Swords and knives will also be available for players. Among them there will be many interesting ...

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What about planes and flights?

One of the questions that future players ask us is whether it will be possible to fly over the surface of Mars. Unfortunately, no. All exoskeletons are designed for use ...

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Mars surfaces

As you know from the legend of the Marsenary game, our Wild time's Mars is a terraformed planet. Decades and decades forts were not only mined for construction's resources, building bases for people, but also ...

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AR-P: own the plasma riffle!

As we wrote days ago, we work under plasma riffle prototype. Good news - we finished it! Now you can find the standart view of the AR-P that you Ford ...

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Mars’ landscape concepts

Recently, one of the forts that we use to check the readiness of technical systems, conducted a test mining of resources near the mountain Elysium. Our artist, who came to ...

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Interface concepts: Weapon change

Here is some new concept of Marsenary's interfaces. Look at the Weapon class change screens.

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Light but strong

We present you the concept of a light weapon mercenary. The rocket launcher is one of the basic cannons at the initial siege of the fort. The size of this ...

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